Tips on Setting Up a Killer Marketing Seminar

Your marketing seminar can be the only chance your advertising teams get to kick ideas around without the pressure of imminent deadlines. Read on to find out how you can enthuse tired minds and reward your valued sales people for their hard work: and get them ready for the next quarter’s push! All work and no play…The last thing you want is for your marketing seminar to make Jack a dull boy.

Mix up some serous r and r with the hard stuff, and you will be amazed at the results you get. Golf is a popular pastime for whiling away conference downtime – but you can also think about some more extreme activities.

Site your conference conveniently for the activity you choose, and plan the whole stay so there’s an equal amount of leisure and brainstorming. It’s surprisingly effective to work hard all morning and play hard all afternoon – those fresh brains get a lot done between breakfast and lunch! Technology is important You need to be sure that your presentations are going to work, that your carefully concocted inspirational theatre is going to be properly lit, and that your delegates will be able to log onto fast Wi-Fi using whichever smartphone they happen to be wielding. Technology and connectivity are such important parts of a modern conference that it’s a good idea to go down and have a test run before you commit to a booking.

Can you accommodate your guests? Most sales conferences last for a few days. If you’re going to get the most from your delegates, you need a location that offers good quality accommodation and catering – and which is accessible from major transport links (see below). Again, it is often a good idea to go down and have a look at the accommodation on offer before you commit to your booking. The blurb in the brochure is advertising blurb, and may not always accurately reflect the reality of the situation. Check first, and you’ll only be happy with what you choose in the end.

Is there a good transport connection? It’s vital that your delegates are able to get to your conference easily – it’s all very well to pick a venue in the wilds of Scotland, for example, but if you can’t get everyone up there then the conference itself will be a bust. Choose a place that has access for motorway transport and rail if possible. The easier it is for your delegates to get to you, the more success your conference will breed.

A package deal is a good thing A conference center that can provide packages is a conference center that covers all the bases for less money. Just be careful that the package you are picking has everything you need. Examine the ins and outs of the catering potions. How many meals will your delegates be fed? What about mid-morning and mid-afternoon refreshments? Are there alcoholic drinks included in evening meal packages? As a conference organizer, you are aiming to get everything your delegates want and need for the best price you can. If you need to shop around, do. The Lane End Conference Centre has an excellent range of packages to start you off with.

The Author is a professional conference organizer, whose work as included setting up seminars and annual meetings for some of the most respected brands in the UK. He has worked with media personalities, celebrities and famous entrepreneurs. His business and marketing blogs are followed by some of the most influential figures in the marketing world.

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