The Top Marketing Tips Even Successful Businesses Fail to Remember

Want to get ahead of the competition in the social media stakes? Looking to leverage great marketing collateral others have forgotten about? Read on to find out what you could, and should, be doing that your competitors may well have overlooked. Who are you? Shallow branding will kill you in the long run. It is no longer good enough to be the provider of a great product or service, and leave it at that. Your consumer wants a human story behind the creation or sale of your product.

He or she needs to find out what your mission is, why you do what you do. A generic “About Us” page won’t cut the mustard. We’re talking the whole nine yards – how you started, why you started, and what your product or service does to fill that gap in the world. Get photos and stories up for your team members too. People sell.

Who are you really? The real world is still a relevant place, particularly for making business connections. LinkedIn and Facebook are great for finding new people and places to leverage your business, but the deals are often sealed in person. Make meetings your new religion. Call up your contacts, find a convenient time and place, and start to build a real human relationship.

Hear the word When people talk about your brand, you need to know what they’re saying. That counts for good stuff as well as bad. Many companies think their social media involvement starts and stops with finding out who’s badmouthing them and putting it right. That’s a good practice, but it isn’t the whole story. When you track your Twitter comments and social media mentions, look at the negatives too. The more you listen, the more you will come to understand how your consumers really feel about your brand – and that’s the way to mound future products and services effectively.

Understand the context of content Your website looks great. Your optimization programmer is first rate. So why is your content so shoddy? Understand that the part of your online presence that does the selling is your words and pictures. Poor grammar and spelling should be out. So should mediocre writing. Good writing can talk to your audience in a voice it understands.

 It can create emotional resonances between your product or service and your consumer. And it brings the voice of your brand to life. What’s not to like? Bring the news to your consumer’s door Successful marketing is about finding out where your customer hangs out, and presenting her or him with a message appropriate to his or her surroundings.

 Online, get into gusted blogging. It raises the profile of your brand and allows you to talk directly to your target audience, where it already is. Offline, consider leaflets and fliers to back up your promotional campaigns. You don’t have to doorstep – a simple high street handout can deliver hundreds of potential consumers into your contact list. Talk to Leaflet London for more details.

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