Sick Pay for Self Employed Individuals

When you have been diagnosed with a critical illness such as cancer or any other life threatening disease it can be of great concern to you and your family. Health care is the right of every citizen and you want to be assured of being able to afford the very best. Health care can be very expensive. If you have been hospitalized, then of course you won’t be able to work.

Normally this would not have to be an area of concern for a sick individual who has an employer and is entitled to sick pay. However, if you are self-employed, being diagnosed with a critical illness can be very worrying when there is no guaranteed source of income. Sick pay for self-employed people diagnosed with a life threatening condition is indeed a very serious matter.

Individuals who are not self-employed have the peace of mind that comes from having an employer who is obligated by law to pay you a sick leave benefit. This benefit will only last a couple of weeks but it can be a tremendous help and a lifeline to the employee. Statutory sick pay is an additional benefit provided by the government. It guarantees a source of income for twenty-eight weeks. It will provide temporary financial assistance to you at a time when you need it the most.

Depending on the length of your stay in the hospital you will probably need to source additional funding. Sick pay for self-employed individuals provides a little breathing room while you try to make the necessary arrangements. If you are ill and unable to work, even if it is not a critical illness and regardless of whether you are hospitalized or not, you will be happy to know that there is sick pay for self-employed people.

You need to file a claim for what is referred to as Employment and Support Allowance or ESA. The sooner you file for this state benefit the quicker you can begin to receive the benefit. Very often when individuals are very sick and hospitalized this is the last thing you wish to consider. You will need to get the necessary medical information from the hospital and your medical team in order to verify your claim.

However, the process is not difficult and can be made easier by seeking professional assistance. The process of obtaining ESA is not a difficult one. It is however filled with all the red tape and bureaucracy, which is very often a part of acquiring benefits and services from the State. Under normal circumstances the task can be quite simple. However, when it is combined with ill health, a frail state of mind, as well as the concerns for your health and overall wellbeing, then the simplest of tasks can be unmanageable.

The smallest of obstacles and red tape will seem insurmountable. Don’t allow yourself to become frustrated and further jeopardize your health. Contact the Priority Legal Team to assist you with your claim.

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