Nursing Schools in California – Nursing is It Still a Good Career?

Is there really a chance to find a job in Nursing during a recession? The answer is: yes. Numbers speak for themselves: over the next 15 years it is estimated that at least 115,000 nurses will be needed in the state of California alone. This fact scores nursing as one of the highest demand careers available. Mainly, this fact is due to the growing population. California and America as a whole, are observing an increasing growth in population; consequently, all of the social service related jobs will be facing the same growing trend.

Facts about a nursing career: Nurses earn a good salary: Salaries for new RNs in California range between $62,000 and $74,000 per year The average hourly wage in California is about $30-36/hr. for staff nurses More experience and more education equate to more money. Sound nursing education includes:

Understanding anatomy and physiology of the body Knowledge of drugs and their side effects Modern techniques of treatment and rehabilitation Communication and teaching It can be easily understood why nursing schools in California are playing a primary role in the Californian college landscape. Be aware: not all schools are the same, you would be forgiven for thinking that the most expensive college is the best, or that they one closest to home is the most suitable; but don’t be fooled.

Nursing is a very complex job and requires many different skills. The school you select will need to reflect the level of skill required to be a nurse, and believe me those skills are not easily obtained! Your future career depends on that that one decision, so choose your future nursing school very carefully.

Nursing is known to a job where both “high-tech” and “high-touch” competences are needed. As a nurse, you will have to deal with computers, heart monitors, respirators and other specialized equipment, and at the same time, you will be working closely with patients, providing compassionate hands-on care and emotional support. A nurse combines science and technology with people skills like communication, problem solving, teaching, and compassion.

Your path to graduation will need to be well researched and make sure that you select a faculty has a strong and reputable name within nursing. From my experience, I can give you a tip; begin your selection from one of the most rated Nursing schools in California:  Santa Barbara Business College is in my opinion, the most highly regarded.

As I mentioned before, the reputation of the school is very important. It sounds a little bit dandy but try to think of what comes to mind when you hear: “he came from the Boston M.I.T.” or she graduated from Cambridge or Oxford”. Well, I guess what comes to mind could be summed in just one word: excellence.

Of course it is not only about the school itself, it’s also about the teachers who work there. They should be well known, and importantly, very skilled. This is the main “sine qua non” condition to drive your decision.

Money and location of course play relevant roles in your quest. You have to be able to afford the college’s costs. Many of them offer free consultations about this exact topic, and there are usually a variety of scholarships, and solutions to match most budgets. Price shouldn’t be a barrier to education and colleges recognize this.

Location is strictly related to budget (the further you go from home, the more it will cost you) and also your future career. It is a common practice for many colleges to have partnerships with local companies, often, students are able to practice, gain work experience, and hopefully, be offered a job at the end of their course.

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