How Hollywood And Politics Go Hand In Hand

Much like the other shows and awards events, this year’s Academy Awards also can be deemed as a political event. The entertainers will be scolded by the conservatives for this; there is no doubt about it.

After the announcement of the Golden Globes regarding the obsession about the presidential campaign of Oprah Winfrey, President Donald Trump got an opportunity to defame the celebrity by calling her insecure. The Grammy Awards also had a feature of Hilary Clinton who supposedly had a skit to share about the book of Michael Wolff, which was centered on Donald Trump. This also received the criticism of Nikki Haley who commented that the night was ruined with such trash being shown. Is This Hollywood’s Next Major Studio? Bob Simonds & TPG Growth’s Venture Fully Financed, JP Morgan Says; Hiring, Deals To Start In Earnest.

The Situation Of Hollywood Politics

Controversies are the perfect example of how political Hollywood can be and how it is entirely different from the common politics.

The well-known use of pop culture, as a perfect tool for political resistance and politics, is something that everyone agrees on. To be honest, the modern industry of entertainment has had its rise on the basis of controversies that surrounded the pop culture.

There were also times when the activists in Hollywood often took the shield of their fame to enter the world of politics. And the situation is pretty much the same now as well. The films of Charlie Chaplin always took a dig at the immigrant personnel and authorities. However, his performances were clearly judged as pro-communist ones. As a British-born individual, Chaplin had a revoke in the year 1953.

But the case with music and movies were not always reserved for the past. Motion pictures turned out to be another way to roll back into the apparent New Deal. At least that’s what Ayn Rand said. She commented on the use of good entertainment to encourage the merits of wealth, free enterprise and much more.

The Never Ending Game Of Politics In Hollywood

It is certainly true that entertainment in Hollywood was never truly considered to be different from the politics. Despite all the talk about Republican grumbling and other stuff, entertainment industry still remains to be a part of politics. The activist celebrities have definitely made it possible to transform the entire nature of politics though. It is all about the performance these days. Entertainment that can be used for satisfying the viewers is pretty much the same as policies that are able to help the voters.

Hollywood Provides Trump With The Benefits

This entire landscape has been a benefit to the newly appointed President Trump. He basically depends on the different and diverse ideas that surround the political scenario of Hollywood and he uses it to his benefit. However, he still struggles to become the entertainer. All that he puts his focus on are the celebrity ratings and status. Instead of using the entertainment industry to govern and communicate with the audience, he has been all obsessed with the other things which are basically insignificant.

Here the gap in the talent is what matters now. There are many theaters professionals and entertainers that have successfully managed to resist the approaches of Trump. This causes an irritation to the White House because the new President clearly wants to build a major portion of his legacy with the help of Hollywood.

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