Healthcare Career Options for Older People

Older people enjoy better health these days, are more active and tend to live longer than their previous generations. So there’s a lot going for seniors and for those who don’t want to pack up their jobs and settle into retirement just yet, here’s good news. You don’t have to.  What options do you have? The field of healthcare is always a good place to begin even if you don’t have a background in this field. Here are five careers to consider even in the afternoon of life.

  1. Medical Transcription Doctors need medical transcriptionists to type out their hand-written or recorded notes. For someone who can type, this is a great career. The work hours can be flexible and the training to be a Medical Transcriptionist is quick (as little as 4 months at Career Step) Sadly, Medical Transcription is one of the most misunderstood careers of our time. This article from Career Step sheds light on the myths surrounding the state of medical transcription.
  2. Rehabilitation Counseling Rehabilitation Counseling requires a Master’s degree because helping clients with physical and emotional disabilities to live independently is not an easy task. Any experience with dealing with such difficult situations can be very useful. You could even work under a Rehabilitation Counselor as the right hand man or woman.
  3. Registered Nursing One of the drawbacks of the Nursing career is the training it requires and how expensive that can be. If you’re in your 50’s and in good health, training to be a nurse is not impossible. Don’t let what others might think affect what you do, it’s never too late to go back to school. We need nurses who will take the time to care for each patient and older folks are great at caring. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), entry level positions are open to those who have an Associate degree. You can then work and study your way up the ladder. The investment is one that will pay off sooner than you think.
  4. Home Care Aides Many people need someone to live with them. This is a great job opportunity because it gives the patient and the care-giver the company they both need. Home Care Aides perform a variety of tasks but best Home Care Aides befriend their patients. According to the BLS, you don’t have to acquire special training but you will be given the necessary training on the job.
  5. Medical and Public Health Social Workers One of the more difficult jobs in America is Social Work. Medical and Public Social Workers are always in demand. We’ve all the heard the stories about the good social workers and the ones that provoke us to anger. This is a chance to give people a hope in their worst times and introduce them to a community that can help share the burden.

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