Best Automated Crypto Currency Bot is the best Cryptocurrency trading bot for buying and selling of Bitcoins and other alternative coins (altcoins) on autopilot. The Cryptohopper is programmed to detect the best time to place positions either to buy or sell. It scans the market for the lowest prices to place buy orders and sell when the trades have moved into considerable profits.

The Cryptocurrency Trading Bot eliminates long hours of learning and mastering how the market operates. Cryptohopper does all that for you with the help of few settings you fill in through its easy to use user interface.

With the volatility in the cryptocurrency market, the Cryptohopper proves to be another useful tool which can easily be used to multiply your Bitcoins than leaving them dormant.


The Cryptohopper can connect to your exchange platform and use the money in your wallet to trade without having to move them around, saving you time and also a few cents on transaction fees. With the help of API generated by your exchange, Cryptohopper bot can seamlessly integrate with your account, buying and selling in real time.

The exchanges currently supported by the Cryptohopper include:

  • Kraken
  • Polonies
  • Bittrex
  • Gdax

How Much It Costs To Use The Cryptohopper Trading Bot

No matter the plan you choose, you get to use the Cryptohopper Cryptocurrency Trading Bot for your first month FREE! Afterwards, you can always pay your subscription for subsequent months from the profit you made from the previous month.

With a payment of $19 per month, the bot can open up to 80 buys and sell positions on any 15 cryptocurrencies of your choice. With this plan, the trading bot scans the market every 10 minutes for the best opportunities.

49$ per month can give you a better result. The bot can place up to 200 buy and sell positions on your behave. It allows you trade up to 50 cryptocurrency coins of your choice. Here, scans for best opportunities are done every 5 minutes.

Lastly, you get to open up to 500 positions on any 75 cryptocurrencies of your choice depending on what’s tradeable on your exchange. You get this for just $99 monthly. This plan scans and places trades at 2 minutes intervals.

The Cryptohopper does not guarantee you any specific amount to be made over a period, but it does assure you can make a good return if you can hold your trades and not panic if it goes the other way round. To get the best use of this service, you will need to interact with other users on their forum where you get to gain better knowledge on how to configure the Cryptohopper correctly for maximum profit.

If all you want to do is to focus on things that matter to you or you don’t just want to get bored with all the technicalities of the cryptocurrency market, and still want to make some real profit increasing your cryptos then you should use the Cryptohopper Cryptocurrency Trading Bot.

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