4 Great Ways to Make Your Corporate Networking Team More Efficient

The success of any corporate network is normally hinged on the quality of staff who are employed to administrate the system. Most of the time, it is such staff members who are in charge of things such as coming up with policies that govern how the system is supposed to work. In addition to that, they may also be responsible for determining when critical issues have to be done, such as upgrading of the system.

Most of such work is expensive. For instance, when you have to replace the entire corporate network, you may have to spend a lot of money on it. This means that you need to come up with ways of making sure that all such changes are done at the right time. They should not be done when unnecessary, but should also not be delayed so that you miss out on the benefits of an upgraded system.

The fact that your staff members will be the one making such decisions just goes to show that how you choose and work with your IT staff will go a long way in determining the value for money that you get from the system. Therefore, you need to put in place to make sure that all your network administrators have the right amount of skill for the job. Some of the ways of doing this include:

  • Employ networking staff who are familiar with the technologies you use When you are out looking for staff members to run the network, you need to make sure that they can cope with the system. Ideally, you should only consider those people who have some experience in the specific kind of technology used in your enterprise system. This way, you can be sure that there will be very little trial and error on their part. If you are not interested in this, you can also opt to train them once you employ them. This is a very good idea when you use very rare technologies, or when you use highly specialized networking solutions.
  • Develop very clear policy guidelines If you have to employ people to run such a system, you will need to come up with policies that they can then use to determine what to do. This gives them something that they can work towards, making it easier for them to gauge their successes on their own. Having very clear policies and job descriptions also makes it very easy for you to identify the employees who are slacking. All you have to do is compare the goals you had set for them against their performance in order to gain an understanding of whether they are achieving the goals or not.
  • Encourage continuous training It is said that the amount of technology in the world doubles every eighteen months. If you are to have any hope of your corporate network being effective, you have to ensure that you always get the upgrades that you need on time. For this to happen, however, your staff members need to have information about the cutting edge. For instance, they would need to figure out the different kinds of technologies that have been developed out there, as well as how best they can be incorporated into the current system. This is only possible when they get regular exposure to the new developments in the industry. As the employer, it would therefore be in your interests to facilitate these kinds of events. For instance, you could pay for the relevant parties to attend symposiums on technology.
  • Develop a feedback mechanism If you want your staff members to work as hard as they can, you might also need to consider establishing a way for them to communicate more easily with you. For instance, there are times when employees might have very good suggestions on what can be done in order to improve the corporate network. However, if you have too much bureaucracy within the organization, it might be difficult for them to offer such suggestions. It’s therefore always recommended that you design the communications channels in the company in such a manner that if anyone has such suggestions, it will be easy for you to get them.

In summary, you always need to remember that an integral part of any corporate network’s success is the staff members. When you want to establish one, it’s very important for you to get ones you can trust. Whether you are going to use the services of a contractor to manage the network or are more interested in employing your own staff, it’s very important that you look at details such as the ones above to ensure that they serve you well.

Byline Jodie is a corporate networking specialist who has many years’ experience in optimization of such systems. She has also reviewed numerous corporate networking companies such as Hughson in her lifetime.

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